Ether Classic sent to wrong adress

Scenario 2: Ether Classic sent to an Ether address
If you have a Jaxx, Exodus Wallet or private key, please follow the instructions above.


It does not matter whether you have a ledger Nano S or a ledger Blue. Carefully follow the steps below for both:

Connect your ledger and enter your PIN to decrypt the ledger
If you have activated browser support on your ledger, deactivate it.
Start the Ethereum application and copy your Ether Classic address
Activate browser support for your ledger now
Visit Myetherwallet (change the website to German)
Set Myetherwallet to “ETC” – top right “Network ETC”.
Go to “Send Ether and Tokens”
Now select the “Ledger Wallet” option under “How do you want to access your wallet” and click on “Connect to Ledger Wallet”.
Then select the m/44’/60’/0′ derivation path (ETH for ledger)
Search now for the address to which you sent Ether Classic
Click on “Unlock your wallet” to display the Wallet Manager
Paste the Ether Classic address copied above and transfer the Ether Classic

Connect and unlock your Trezor
Select the option “Ethereum Classic (ETC)” and follow the link to Myetherwallet
Copy one of the displayed Ether Classic (ETC) addresses
Return to your Trezor interface
Now select the option “Ethereum (ETH)” and follow the link to Myetherwallet
Set Myetherwallet to “ETC” (top right: “Network ETC”) and go to “Send Ether and Tokens
In “Send Ether and Token”, select “How do you want to access your Wallet” and click on “Connect to Trezor”.
Then select the m/44’/61’/0’/0’/0 derivation path (ETH for Trezor)
Locate the address to which you accidentally sent Ether Classic
Click on “Unlock Wallet” to unlock the address
Paste the copied Ether Classic address and transfer the Ether Classic

Scenario 3: ERC20 token sent to Ether Classic address
ERC20 tokens are tokens that “store” on the Ethereum block chain. To send them, you have to use the Ethereum network. This means that you need Ether to pay the Ethereum network fees.

Send Ether to Ether Classic address
And this is the problem when sending ERC20 tokens to an Ether Classic address. There are no ethers on this Ether Classic address that could be used for the Ether transaction costs.

Therefore you have to send a small Ether amount to the Ether Classic address, where the ERC20 tokens are stored, in order to be able to send the ERC20 tokens later. The Ethgasstation website is helpful for calculating transaction fees. But even if too much ether has been transferred, it can be transferred back.