Po.et Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The idea for Po.et Coin development came from the employees of Bitcoin magazine. They wondered how they could time stamp and tokenize their articles. This led to the idea of a platform based on the blockchain. The core team consists of different programmers and experts of the cryptoscene. The project has been joined by magazines and media such as Let’s Talk Bitcoin, The Merkle, Coin Speaker, ChainB and Crypto Insider. Cooperation with the Blink.Ia cooperation could be particularly important. Blink.Ia is a content network that connects over 1000 media companies and 20,000 media professionals around the world.

Po.et Coin advantages and disadvantages

This crypto currency is still relatively unknown. This is a great advantage for those who want to start early, which is quite a justified thought with the positive po.et Coin forecast. The idea behind the coin is definitely interesting and concerns a difficult question: How should freelance creatives earn their money in the age of free culture and the Internet? Protecting intellectual property is a driving force for many freelancers and will also be in the interest of media companies like https://www.onlinebetrug.net/en/. So this is a still quite small crypto currency with a lot of potential, possibly covering a niche that has not yet been touched by any other crypto currency.

At the same time, the coin is still a token whose purpose is as yet unknown. Except to finance the project. Such tokens are often suspected to flow only into developers’ pockets. However, the team’s roadmap looks promising and the concept is well thought-out. The hesitation to invest in such a crypto currency, about which nothing is known yet, is nevertheless understandable.

Po.et Coin Course – Development – Forecast

This crypto currency is one of the youngest coins on the stock exchanges. It is therefore difficult to make an accurate forecast. Most traders probably don’t even have them on their screens yet. The coin can be traded since September 2017. After the very successful initial coin offering, with developers earning $1 million, the price was quiet for most of the time. From September to December it remained consistently below 0.01 cents per coin. This changed in mid-December, however, when the coin rose above 0.02 cents for the first time. By Christmas it should be 0.03 cents.

The crypto currency rose continuously until the end of December and the price looked extremely good in the new year as well. The coin reaches 0.1 Cent for the first time and achieved its best result to date. The extremely positive development continued, the coin cracked the 0.2 cent in the next few days. Then the price fell again slightly and headed for the 0.1 cent per coin. Nevertheless, the value of the coin has multiplied, the price is already much higher than last year. The coin forecast for 2018 can therefore be regarded as promising. Maybe right now is the best time to buy Po.et Coin. The coin does not yet cost much, but the positive development could soon change that.